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Trap, Trap, Trap til the Cage is Full

“The animal, the animal. Trap, trap, trap til the cage is full. The cage is full, the day is new and everyone is waiting, waiting on you.”

Regina Spektor sings the intro to the Netflix phenomenon Orange is the New Black, ‘You’ve Got Time’. The lyrics liken prisoners serving time to animals trapped in a cage.

Animals in cages is a completely familiar concept, we trap them up in Zoos, stables, barns, theme parks and carnivals, along with a multitude of other environments. Some of these animals we trap and raise for harvest, some are taught tricks for entertainment and others we trap simply to observe. The song’s opening lines don’t make me feel uncomfortable because trapping animals in cages is not unusual… however what if Spektor didn’t use a metaphor in the lyrics?

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Say ‘hello’ to the student next to you.


Imagine this; you have spent years studying another language; for imaginative purposes the language is French. You’ve had lessons, you have practiced and by all standards you have become ‘proficient’. You are sure you could put your knowledge into practice and you look into a French university exchange. You arrive in France, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to impress your new student peers with your competence in their language… only they’re saying words you’ve never even heard before, they’re talking very fast and you have trouble keeping up… was that a swear word you just heard? Continue reading Say ‘hello’ to the student next to you.