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My Favourite Filter

My favourite filter is the golden butterfly crown. It’s not always available, in fact it’s been more than a month since I last had a chance to use it. I’ve had to resort to the basic hoe dog filter and the blush effect if I want to send a flattering selfie via Snapchat. If you scroll through my Instagram you’ll see if very rarely post selfies I’ve taken by myself (I much prefer photos taken of me or group photos), but LET ME TELL YOU, Snapchat is a whole different ball game. I’m not camera shy there. Why? Filters! Continue reading My Favourite Filter


Sneaky Snaps


As people chatter over the rose ceremony in this week’s episode of the Bachelor and others begin cleaning the dining table after a successful 21st birthday dinner, one party-goer sits himself down in the kitchen and pulls out his phone. I look over and realise I’ve found my moment.

“You’re so anti-social Rhys,” I laugh as I take the snap.

He looks up at me and smiles, “I know.”

Rhys wasn’t the first or last to pull out his phone throughout the night, the majority of guests held their phone in their hand, had it sat beside their plate as we ate dinner and would every now and then unlock it and withdraw from the party.

It’s the typical sight, in my opinion, to most Generation Y events in this day and age.

As Rhys sat and immersed himself in something outside the party he was taking himself away from the public space (although it was a private party – I say public due to the fact the apartment in which it was held was swarmed by guests and the celebration vibe; just as if the party were held in a bar) and into a private space. I couldn’t tell you what he was doing on his phone – but he was suddenly somewhere else. Continue reading Sneaky Snaps