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From little things, big things grow

Convergent journalism; a combination of journalism, such as print, photographic and video, into one piece of group of pieces.

Today, audiences want content on-demand, across multiple platforms. For newsrooms, this has meant adaption and the implementation of unprecedented levels of change. What were once traditional print newsrooms are becoming innovative newsrooms that use mobile, video and audio storytelling.

Often praised for the innovative approaches to storytelling are publishers at the top of the hierarchy, The New York Times and The Guardian. But that’s not to say that there have not been innovative approaches in small newsrooms.

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‘I still look exactly the same’

This multimedia report depicts my mother Tracy Whitfield who explains the effects a stroke has had on her body. Despite physically appearing ‘exactly the same’, Tracy has what is potentially long-lasting vision impairment and a headache that won’t seem to go away. According to The Stroke Association anyone can have a stroke, although there are some things that put particular people at a higher risk than others. Continue reading ‘I still look exactly the same’