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I’m a nostalgist


After introducing to you my undying love for children’s television shows and analysing the results of my interviews with peers, to discover if they feel the same, I am going to sum up my findings.

Using ethnological research I discovered that I am not alone in having strong feelings of fondness and nostalgia for the television shows I sat on the lounge-room floor and watched excitedly as a child. I also discovered that many of my peers had TV rituals as a child (a large majority woke up to watch Cheez TV at 7am on school mornings) and some enjoy watching their favourite programs still today.

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A trip down memory lane

To investigate my peer’s feelings and emotions towards their childhood television memories I conducted an online survey that received 25 responses, as well as five one-on-one discussions. The information provided by 30 individuals, all of whom watched children’s television at a similar time to myself allowed me to analyse how they felt about the shows they watched then; if the shows were similar to the ones I watched; how they feel about the shows now and what they remember of television as a child. Continue reading A trip down memory lane

She’s got a smile that it seems to me… Reminds me of childhood memories

I’ve never been an early riser… in fact, waking up more than half an hour before my first class or the start of my shift has always seemed like a waste of my precious sleeping time. I’d rather get ready in ten minutes than lose twenty minutes’ worth of sleep.

This trait has been something I have carried with me since early childhood, only back then I had a much more regulated sleeping pattern and by 7am my desire to sleep had been fulfilled.

Luckily, a 7am wake up coincided perfectly with Cheez TV’s daily showing Digimon. On rainy afternoons I would run three blocks home to make sure I was in the lounge-room in time to watch Art Attack, Babar, Feral TV and Daria. On Friday evenings mum worked and Nan would sit in the lounge-room with me and read a book while I engrossed myself in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We went to the video shop on Saturdays and I would rent whichever Mary-Kate and Ashley DVDs were available for hire that weekend. Through the week my Nan would record Rugrats, Hey! Arnold, Johnson & Friends and Madeline on VHS so I could watch my favourite episodes over and over again – which I did.

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My Not-So Goggle Box Worthy Family

2199827728001_4541695563001_video-still-for-video-4541647026001Of an evening my family (consisting of my mother, father, grandmother and thirteen-year-old sister) all gather around the lounge-room TV to watch The Chase at 5pm, followed by Family Fued at 6pm. Due to my horrific work schedule I very rarely get to join them in this bonding experience.

The funny thing is, three out of the four of them are never fully immersed in the programs themselves, rather they’re also using their mobile phones, and sometimes even their iPads and phones at the same time.

Upon instruction to set up a small informal test to allow myself to observe what happens to someone’s attention in the presence of multiple media devices I knew the perfect moment to strike. 6pm!

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A Cinematic Experience

suicide-squadMy mid-year trip through Europe had prevented a visit to the cinema for a couple of months, so when Sarah invited me along to watch DC’s Suicide Squad there wasn’t a whole lot of contemplation. The hype of the newest superhero movie, along with the promise of popcorn had me eager to reach Wednesday that week.

On my way to Greater Union, Shellharbour Sarah phoned to say she’d just arrived and suggested it might be a good idea for her to jump in line rather than wait for me out front, our usual cinema meeting place.

“Long line?” I questioned.

“You can’t imagine,” she laughed.

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Late 1970’s television memories worth two bobs


“Your aunty was born in 1957,” my nan starts… “I think.”

She ponders for a moment and then tells me she’s sure it must’ve been 1957. I later took a peak at her first born daughter’s Facebook profile to see if I could confirm this information, however she has conveniently kept her birth year private, creating somewhat of a family mystery in regards to her actual age. Continue reading Late 1970’s television memories worth two bobs