Hello, my name is Paige Whitfield. I am a twenty-two year old second year student at UOW, studying to obtain a Bachelor of Communications & Media.

My first stint at University in 2013 was not a success and I am now making a (so far) successful return to acquire a degree and find a job in a field that I am interested in.

During my time away from Uni I went to TAFE and completed my Certificate IV and Diploma in Human Resource Management, had a short stint in Real Estate, working for an exceptionally skilled and personable team, all the while working at The Shellharbour Club, where I have been employed since 2012.

I’ve never had a lot of free time to involve myself in hobbies and don’t suppose now is the best time to start, but I have always made a very active effort at eating well and the next step I see in that journey would be to start partaking in regular exercise. The healthier I am physically, the better I should be able to perform as a student. My goal this year is to start visiting the beach more regularly, even if just to walk for a few hours a week.

My favourite city is Melbourne and if I wasn’t so nervous about being alone I’d like to think I’d have moved there by now. One of my most frequent quotes would be, ‘I want to move to Melbourne’. I just don’t feel ready to make that kind of move so young, by myself. However I do hope that I get the opportunity to do so at some point in the next five years. Possibly moving for a job opportunity at the completion of my degree.

There’s nothing I love more than traveling the world and I have so far visited 18 countries throughout Europe. If I’m not to move to Melbourne I hope I can find the courage to apply for a VISA and seek international employment at some point in the future.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Not gonna lie, we pretty much have the same ‘how we got here’ story ahaha, love it! And I totally agree 100% on the Melbourne thing, I was going to move there when I finished high school then did the whole ‘I don’t want to be alone, i’m too young!’ thing and now am so determined to move down once a score a job after this degree!!!

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