She’s got a smile that it seems to me… Reminds me of childhood memories

I’ve never been an early riser… in fact, waking up more than half an hour before my first class or the start of my shift has always seemed like a waste of my precious sleeping time. I’d rather get ready in ten minutes than lose twenty minutes’ worth of sleep.

This trait has been something I have carried with me since early childhood, only back then I had a much more regulated sleeping pattern and by 7am my desire to sleep had been fulfilled.

Luckily, a 7am wake up coincided perfectly with Cheez TV’s daily showing Digimon. On rainy afternoons I would run three blocks home to make sure I was in the lounge-room in time to watch Art Attack, Babar, Feral TV and Daria. On Friday evenings mum worked and Nan would sit in the lounge-room with me and read a book while I engrossed myself in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We went to the video shop on Saturdays and I would rent whichever Mary-Kate and Ashley DVDs were available for hire that weekend. Through the week my Nan would record Rugrats, Hey! Arnold, Johnson & Friends and Madeline on VHS so I could watch my favourite episodes over and over again – which I did.

When visiting my uncle who had Austar I was exposed to my first ever episode of Lizzie Maguire and when she came to ABC I was ecstatic.

I might sound like a kid who was overly obsessed with the television, but despite my love for my children’s shows, I was actually more the out-doorsy type. I had a backyard filled with trees perfect for climbing and my family hung ropes to climb and swing on. I had a small greenhouse where I collected bugs and a mulberry tree that I watched year round, waiting for the perfect time to pick fruit. I rode my bike to my friend’s houses and taught myself how to skateboard on the basketball court across the road. My love for television never hindered my real-life experiences, in fact I think they broadened my imagination so much so that I was constantly creating narratives in my mind as I played alone, or with friends.

When I was ten years old my family bought their first computer, the only application I ever used pre-internet was ‘Notepad’, where I would create characters and storylines for my own television shows, taking inspiration from Degrassi! The Next Generation, The Sleepover Club and The Saddle Club.

My love for television has never left me, I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy weekly for 14 years and love to binge watch Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill repeats. And then occasionally, I get a little nostalgic and type in one of my favourite childhood television shows into youtube, and binge watch that instead.

Recently, I did so with Arthur, I watched 6 episodes in a row and didn’t once think ‘wow I might be a little too old to be watching this’. I loved every second! If I ever walk past a TV and it’s playing one of the kids shows I go crazy nostalgic over I tune out everything around me and engross myself in the scene in front of me. For some reason, I’m just as every bit entertained as I was as a kid, and I think it might be because those shows gave me so much happiness, they helped me learn and took me to another world.

Martin Morning, Blinky Bill, Oakie Doke, Brum, King, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Wiggles, Play School, Seasame Street, Round the Twist, Postman Pat, Pingu, Fireman Sam, Mr. Squiggle, Noddy, Catdog, Bill & Ben, Franklin, George & Martha, The Big Knights, Bob the Builder, Teletubbies, The Latest Buzz and The Fairly Odd Parents are just SOME of the shows that captivated my attention. The list is (almost) never-ending, but I’m sure you can all add to it yourselves, remembering your own childhood favourites.

A Facebook page I found a while ago ‘Australia Millennials’ posts the intros to various shows I watched as a child and also brings up other 90s memories, such as the food we used to eat, games we used to play and accessories we used to buy. I love that every couple of days I’m reminded of another children’s show, just by having this page liked on my Facebook, and I never scroll past a memory.


TLDR: I was a TV obsessed child who still LOVES the shows I used to watch back then!

My aim for this final project of digital story-telling is to express my love for nostalgic TV memories and research my peer’s feelings in regards to this topic. I want to know how others feel when they hear the intro to one of their favourite childhood shows, would they still want to watch an episode now? And so on I go… research time!


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