When do YOU want to fly away?

In a survey of 86 of my University of Wollongong peers, asking questions to determine whether students prefer to travel beforeduring, or after undertaking tertiary study, these are the key findings:

Students who travelled before:

  • 36% of participants had time off before beginning their tertiary study
    • 42% used this time off to travel


Students who have travelled, or intend to travel during:

  • 57% of participants have travelled internationally since beginning their University studies
    • 98% of these participants have done so during University breaks
    • 80% who have not intend to


Students who intend to travel after completion of studies:

  • 58% of participants intend to travel once they have graduatedfrom University
    • 70% of these participants plan to do so before seeking full-time employment


There is no clear differentiation in terms of preference between those who prefer to travel during the course of their degree and those who would prefer to travel after, in fact it is possible that same students even fall into both of these categories.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.14.15 PMThe graph to the right represents these figures in a pie chart. The visual representation emphasises exactly how close the figures in all three categories are.

Although less students fall into the category of preferring to travel before student, there is a still a small majority who make up this segment.

Every student has their preferences based on experiences, taste and external influences. Some students may choose to travel internationally beforeduring AND after tertiary study, should their financial situation allow it. Others may choose not to ever fly away.

Which segment do you fall into?


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