UOW’s Parking Nightmare


My idea for a research project is to investigate how students, workers and faculty feel about the price of parking at UOW, how much they are willing to pay and what lengths they may have gone to, to find a parking spot. In my own personal experience I have sought parking in various locations quite a distance from the University and had to walk fifteen minutes or more to make it to class. Other students have spoken of arrangements with friendly locals who allowed them to park for free on their property to allow them a quick and easy parking spot each morning.

The primary question I will propose is ‘How much are you willing to pay for a parking spot at UOW?’ I expect answers to range from ‘nothing, I’d rather park for free and walk’, to ‘$13 for a full day in the multistory’.

Additional research will include asking how long it has taken people to find a park and various methods they have gone to, to ensure a spot (e.g. taking the spot of a friend who finishes class around the same time theirs is to begin).

Parking is such a hot topic day in and day out when we get to Uni, I for one constantly complain that I was running late and had to park in the multistory to get to class on time… resulting in a loss of a valuable amount of money (four coffees in fact). Other friends will have walked from well beyond the Botanic Gardens and are not faced with the fact that the walk back might be a little wet… we all know how quickly the weather can turn here.

It is worth doing because although in my own mind it appears an epidemic, I don’t have any proof or statistics to prove myself right, right now it’s purely assumption. It would be beneficial for the University to be aware of how much we suffer from this issue.

I intend to undertake this project through survey and interview. Survey will provide quick and easy information in regards to how much people are willing to pay and how long it takes them to find a spot etc. Interview will provide further information, gathering personal opinion about how people feel in regards to what they pay, if they can afford to pay it and what they are willing to do to avoid paying for a day of parking.


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