The Global Village may not be perfect, but it belongs to all of us.

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‘Perfection’… How do you imagine a place that is perfect?

Some may say endless summer, being surrounded by beaches, music and good company.

Others may describe a place where electricity is a magical force that allows devices to never drain of battery, their iPhone would read 100% at all times.

Everyone desires, craves and appreciates different types of beauty and thus no two people would agree on what their ‘imagined place inwhich everything is perfect’ looks like.

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The ‘Global Village’ looks at how in this modern day everyone in the world is connected. For example; I am able to talk in real time to my friends in America, England and Belgium using the internet (assisted by applications such as Facebook, Messenger and Snapchat). In the very early 1900s tis type of instant communication was impossible, for us to learn in one country events that had happened in another we would have to wait on letters being sent, or for people to travel across oceans and boarders.

The invention of the telephone was the first device that allowed people an almost immediate way of communication. The radio was the next technological advance that allowed news to travel quickly, it was also very relevant on a local scale as the public could be notified severe weather warnings.

Today’s very advanced Global Village has been considered ‘utopian’, but is it really? Villages need a leader and across our Globe we have multiple leaders. If we are all one big ‘village’ then who is the leader? America, as one of the most powerful countries in the world may be seen as the global policeman, they have a lot of influence and resources. China too, has gained a lot more power in recent years, where do they then stand in this village?

In terms of communication and ensuring news is spread at a high speed, then I believe it is true, we’re all (the humans of the world) in this together. However in terms of living harmoniously, as though this village in which we are all apart of is ‘utopia’, I do not agree. The most supportive evidence to this is war, of course everyone in the village is not going to get along, but with such destruction and conflict surrounding us, we cannot liken our village to ‘perfection’.

A utopian Global Village would be all the nations living in harmony, we would share our resources, our ideas, our culture and everything would be fair and equitable. I don’t believe the world will ever be a place in which our global village can be described as anyone’s ‘utopia’, unless of course they enjoy the shocking horrors the world presents.


My utopia is a world in which I can travel to any country, live and work there if I please, without the hassle of working visa’s and immigration.


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