Transmedia: The Bread Winner

Follow this link to view my Prezi presentation on Week 7’s topic: Transmedia.

My opinion on Transmedia is that Hollywood created this idea of telling multiple stories over multiple platforms to appeal to a wider array of audiences. By appealing to more people they are able to significantly increase the income a particular project is making. Instead of only receiving box office revenue, money is brought in by each of the individual platforms that a story is being told across.

Transmedia is ‘the bread winner’ of Hollywood.


4 thoughts on “Transmedia: The Bread Winner”

  1. Very accurate! I think Hollywood is smart enough to wring viewers for all they through multiple platforms and endorsements etc. Your prezi is very succinct and easy to follow, and really helps further your opinion and thoughts on transmedia.


  2. I really enjoyed the Prezi mind map you’ve made, Paige!
    It is very clear, concise and well presented. This has allowed for me to grasp a better understanding of transmedia. I also like how you’ve compared transmedia to multimedia, which can sometimes be confused. Th examples you’ve listed to accompany your points have also heightened my understanding in differentiating the two terms. I definitely agree with the notion you’ve explained how media agencies have recognised transmedia as a major profit instigator. Overall, a very well done and elaborate mind map. Well done, look forward to your future posts. 🙂


  3. I like your title “transmedia: the breadwinner”, and your prezi really backs up your idea of transmedias economic effect in Hollywood. I enjoyed your prezi and thought your mentioning of the modern audience wanting more engagement is also an important driving force for transmedia narratives as well as the economic factor.


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