Who Am I Online?

Creating an online persona is easy. All you need is access to the Internet to get you going. Sign up for websites or applications such as tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram and the first step is done! What’s next? Decide who you want to be.

Do you want to be a fitness guru from France? On tumblr you can be. Your username and avatar can be anything and of anyone, your online persona in this case does not have to be a representation of yourself, rather a representation of someone you want to be. Or you can be you! In our BCM112 and BCM110 classes we have had the task of creating an online persona. In this case I have had to create an online representation of myself, my thoughts and my ideas in relation to the subjects and topics that I am studying.

My ‘professional’ online persona can be seen on my Twitter and WordPress accounts, in which I am connected with my student peers, lecturers and tutors. My ‘personal’ online persona is represented in my Facebook and Instagram accounts, that I only share with people I know and trust. My Facebook and Instragram accounts could be public if I chose them to be. Then there is my Tumblr account, in which my followers do not know my identify or anything about my professional or personal life. On Tumblr I enjoy and share healthy foods and fit bodies, these posts are the only insight into my life that my followers have access to.

An online persona is what you choose it to be, you can make it as true to life, or as fictional as you wish.


Some examples of well-known and public online personas on Facebook are Percy Inglis, Kurt Coleman, Lyn Kent and Gemma Sullivan. We cannot be sure that what they are presenting to us is their true personality, or a put-on to gain attention and popularity.


4 thoughts on “Who Am I Online?”

  1. I loved this response! I like how you quickly defined how easy it is to create an online persona and create yourself online. It was interesting how you integrated your ‘professional personal’ versus your ‘normal’ persona into two sides of yourself.


  2. This is a really easy to read post that accurately and simply explains the whole concept of an online persona! Something that you have touched on (and that I find particularly interesting) is the way you can have multiple online persona’s on different platforms and sites and how it is possible to separate these different “sides” of your persona. As you said, you’re professional persona is more connected with Twitter and WordPress, where as your more “social” persona is connected more so with Facebook. I guess it is interesting to note that this kind of activity and separation is so common. Do you think a shift in the way employers search for/check on future employees will threaten the ability separate these sides? (I sure hope not). Really great post!


  3. This is a well structured post that is easy to read, and flows really well! I like how everything is from your point of view, though maybe some relevant hyperlinks or refence to the readings could give a little more credibility? I like your examples, and how you use tumbler as a medium to create whatever online persona you want. I like how you used your own online persona as an example, as this gives a nice foundation to the post! You express the entire concept of an online persona really well. I like how you explained that you can separate your persona via different platforms, because that was something i hadn’t thought of before! Really great post!


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