Inventive Crafts and Makings

The art of digital creation integrates technology into old-school crafting activities. Stop-motion is a digital creation, animation technique that took off in the 1960s (although had emerged in the 1800s). Stop-motion makes physically manipulated objects or personas appear to move on their own. The objects are moved in small increments and a photograph is taken for each movement, then when the photographs are played in a continuous sequence the illusion of movement is created.

This is an example of a short stop-motion film ‘pizza creation’;

Claymation is a very popular stop-motion animation technique that are most commonly recognised in the world of children’s television. Commonly known claymations include Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

Technological advances have allowed for less manual creations and more digital making. These stop-motion and claymation creations would not be possible without the use of a camera, film technology and editing tools. I think this is a very interesting topic and one that would be fun (yet extremely difficult) to play with and explore. The creation process is one that is very strenuous, however the technological advances have made it much simpler over time; hence why we are seeing it occur more often in popular culture, most notably this year in 6-second ‘vine’ videos.


2 thoughts on “Inventive Crafts and Makings”

  1. This post was very interesting and could easily dictate to a person struggling to understand this concept. i liked the examples of the stop motion and the shaun the sheep. you clearly examined the creation of the crafty process and made your post relevant to popular culture.


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