Falls to the floor…. Screen breaks



Everybody loves to mock the iPhone. Google ‘iPhone memes’ and you’ll get thousands of meme images mocking the phone, due to it being; too frequently ‘out of date’, too expensive, too fragile and becoming too big, amongst other hilarious complaints. I suppose I find them hilarious because being an iPhone user myself, many of the meme’s are spot on.

The thing is, despite the hundreds of thousands of complaints regarding the iPhone it is still predicted that by the end of 2015 300 million people worldwide will be an owner of the phone. So why do people still buy iPhone’s if everyone is bitching and whining about them? Some of the biggest factors include: how easy the device is to use, the hardware, the size of the device, that the device is also an iPod, that members of the individual’s family and/or friendship group also have an iPhone which makes it easy to find help when confused. There are many positive to the iPhone, yet there are still huge debates on whether it is ‘better’ than the Android phone.


The Android has a free and open platform which allows anyone to access and modify the code. You can download the modifying system and run wild. Apple on the other hand define everything on the device, the user has no freedom. I myself don’t need freedom, I have no interest in changing the modifying system. As long as I can text, access Facebook, have a camera and music on my device then I am happy, I don’t see any need to go further than that.


The Android appeals to users who are interested in this freedom and the power of ‘choice’. But I’m pretty happy to let Apple make my choices for me… as long as they don’t take away the ‘Messages’ or ‘Facebook’ apps.


8 thoughts on “Falls to the floor…. Screen breaks”

  1. Your post is spot on! I feel the same way about iPhone’s, I will always use them! I dont have the brain power to even think about changing the system on a phone so android’s are out of the question for me! Great post – keep it up!


  2. I enjoyed reading this blog post 🙂 Well structured and I love the meme, made me giggle! The difference between apple and android is well put too.. and I definitely can relate! My opinion on a way you could improve is by including referencing; having good articles to support your claim. Also using key terms related to this weeks lecture would show that you’re well familiar with the topic. Other than that, well done 🙂


    1. Thank you for those suggestions, you’re right, using key terms is something I didn’t actually consider, but I will try and include both that and referencing in my future posts. I think that will make my posts more relevant and accurate, still getting my head around how to do that, but your comment should help 🙂


  3. Being an iPhone user myself, I really don’t know how android could be any better at all. I love that way that apple has set out the iPhone and its products, even though that it is a closed system and staying the way that it is, I have zero complaints. Is there anything really special about the android that make people hate on the iPhone with these memes?
    Personally, I couldn’t think of anything better that an iPhone, any apple product for that fact. I am a very proud owner of everything apple. To me, every other company is trying to copy something that is impossible to attempt. Apples closed system is so much safer against viruses and just has such better security, with a great design layout. What are any other benefits of having an open system when the security risk is much higher? I don’t see the appeal.


  4. Loved this post! I completely agree with your statements about why people choose the iPhone over the Android like because it’s easy to use, the attractive hardware, the size of the phone, how you can use it as an iPod and not to mention that everyone owns an iPhone so elements of peer pressure can play into one’s choice to buy an one. This post also helped me understand why some people may choose Android because they are open devices and people can modify the phone to however they please. I also really liked how you incorporated you own views and personality into the post about how you favour the iPhone and I liked that you included the meme it gave the post a nice touch 🙂 Good work!


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