Hello UOW

This here is just an introductory post to my blog to say hey, my name is Paige, and to get the ball rolling on what is to become my social and professional online presence.

If you’re interested in knowing how I got to this point, studying BCM110 & BCM112 just click here [although you’re probably not entirely fussed on knowing my background story (it’s pretty boring)].

I would like to say that I am very excited to be beginning a degree in something that I find quite interesting, I think that getting through Uni requires that you actually enjoy what you’re studying, if you don’t (like I absolutely didn’t with the Bachelor of Commerce that I began) then you’re not going to be motivated or give the course your all.

I’m still putting a lot of thought into what exactly I’m going to blog about, although we have been instructed on the general idea I want to make sure that I’m using examples I really enjoy to keep myself excited when it comes to creating posts.

I will return in the next couple of days, addressing current anxieties in the media and bringing my own ideas and examples to the topic.


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